March 1, 2014

Whilst working for Wunderman Helsinki I was tasked with creating a promotional leaflet for the release of Windows 7. Working closely with a Finnish copywriter I produce 2 variations, both focusing on the services offered within the operating system. The difficulties this brief created came with the amount of copy that had to be included, using space effectively becomes a puzzle in its self, that and the fact I don’t speak Finnish. Designing for an organisation as large as Microsoft comes with a lot of restrictions, brand guidelines that need to be adhered to. As a junior at the time, this was a steep and beneficial learning curve.

Windows Microsoft Print

The blue variant is disconnected from the target audience and lacks character, however it is direct and conveys the information without distraction and it was this design that was signed off for print and presented at a large promotional event in Helsinki.

Windows Microsoft Print

I favored the green option due to its personal approach, I deliberately included images of people that I felt Microsoft should be targeting with this promotion and it was my attempt at giving a face to such a large organisation. The key is finding a balance, whilst you want to educate the viewer, you do not want to overload or bombard them with information, a promotional leaflet can soon become a dull spec sheet.

Windows Microsoft Print


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