October 20, 2014

Carlsberg initially approached Amobee enquiring about our all new RTB platform, however, soon after, we gratefully received a creative brief that required us to promote Tuborg within the Indian market. They wanted several concepts that pushed the brand rather than a download. Carlsberg have a reputation for producing great-integrated campaigns, so it was always going to be a challenge meeting their already high benchmark.


My initial concept focused on pushing the user to purchase, in doing so Tuborg would offer a small discount at checkout. I implemented this offer via a landing page and Passbook voucher. Upon tapping the display banner the user is taken to a Tuborg branded landing page that briefly describes the beer and requests that the user inputs their personal details. Having submitted their details the voucher automatically syncs with the users Passbook app, they can then redeem the discount in store. This concept not only pushes to purchase it provides Tuborg with key information on their potential customer base.


Following on, I focused my energies on creating a gaming experience rather than pushing the user to purchase. Whilst the campaign message is slightly looser I hope that by encouraging the user to engage for a longer period of time the brand and product will resonate for longer.


The game is accelerometer driven and the aim is to shake your device (bottle of Tuborg) as many times as possible in twenty seconds or before the bottle bursts its lid. Upon completion, the user achieves a shake score that they can either submit to an online leader board with their personal details, or replay. I included the leader board submission in an attempt to prolong the user experience and introduce a social aspect. I would also suggest that Tuborg offer a series of incentives encouraging users to participate and achieve the highest scores.



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