April 24, 2014

As a client of Amobee’s and an app I use regularly I was more than happy to work on this brief, which required me to produce a branding campaign aimed at promoting the app and its unique features to multiple target audiences. Unlike other Rich Media units I have designed before, this unit features a parallax scrolling mechanism, where by multiple layers move in opposite directions at varied speeds. Thankfully the Strava brand is very distinctive in design and manipulable, thus making it pleasure to work with. 


The foundations of this concept originate from an existing social campaign called #stravaproveit. Those that use the app are encouraged to take photos of their adventures and upload them socially with the included hash tag.


Each section of the unit carries with it a different theme, all aimed at educating the user and encouraging them to join the Strava family.  The themes open with a strap line and a hero image followed by a second page that houses further information, for example the ‘Compare and Compete’ theme informs the user of the social capabilities of the app, whilst the ‘Accept the Challenge’ theme promotes the in-app challenges. These challenges vary in difficulty and are open to everyone that uses the app, allowing you to go head to head with the general public should you want to.


The sequence ends with a promotional video that can be expanded to full screen. Should the user wish to start the journey again they can tap the arrow and activate the ‘back to start’ action. Supporting the Rich Media unit is a series of landing pages and display banners. Each landing page targets a different audience; the examples included here focus on cyclists, female runners and those that exercise in a group. The landing pages continue to push the #stravaproveit social campaign and include a brief description of the app and its capabilities. The third option includes a count down timer that urges the user to download the app before the next challenge becomes available.


The display banners are a mix of both static and animated, each includes the ‘Download Free’ CTA and native orange colour. The background imagery used here has been used throughout the concept for a specific reason; I wanted to create a fluid journey from display banner through to Rich Media without compromising the brand identity or campaign message and this solution allows for both. We did not use a copywriter for this brief, I was responsible for that also.


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