Samsung Galaxy Note 3

March 13, 2014

With the release of the Galaxy Note 3 on the horizon, Samsung wanted to explore the opportunity of using Amobee 3D technology, they wanted a concept that championed the S Pen and all new Air Command features. The pen enables a number of new features on the phone; the biggest of those is the new Air Command functionality, which is a small pop-up window that’s brought up automatically by the S Pen. Air Command offers quick access to features like Action Memo, a scrapbook, the S Finder search option, and the updated S Note.


The initial landing page houses the 3D unit along with the 3 CTA’s. The user can engage with the device directly, in 360°. Once the user has finished they are instructed to slide the device to the left, doing so activates the Air Command interaction. Each feature is listed followed by a short statement detailing its function.

Using touch gestures you can activate each Air Command feature within the pop up menu, doing so simultaneously highlights your selection and activates the corresponding animation.

Action Memo: Action Memo is the first option on the Air Command menu. This feature allows you to handwrite notes that can be linked to different actions, such as calling a number you wrote down, adding it as a contact, or sending it as a message or e-mail.

Scrapbooker: The second feature on the menu, gives you the ability to draw around a portion of the screen to take a screenshot. After selecting a certain area of the screen and taking a picture, you can add tags, written notes, and different categories for better organization. Images are then saved in the Pinterest-inspired Scrapbook app on your device.


Screen Writer: The third feature on the menu takes a screenshot of your current page, you can then write notes on top of the image. Inside of the Screen Write feature you can change the pen size and colour by selecting the pen icon in the upper left-hand corner of the screen. To the right you will find the eraser, crop, undo, and redo tools, along with share, cancel, and save.

S Finder: Apple has Spotlight on its Mac computers and iOS devices, and now Samsung has S Finder. This feature, which can also be accessed with a long-press on the Galaxy Note 3’s Menu button, allows you to search for anything on your device, including apps, contacts, and even handwritten notes.


Pen window: Arguably the coolest thing Samsung included in the Galaxy Note 3, besides the S Pen itself, is a new multitasking feature called Pen Window. This feature lets you draw a box on the screen and then choose from eight different apps — Calculator, Clock, YouTube, Phone, Contacts, ChatOn, Hangouts, and a browser — to launch inside of it.

Finally the user is provided with the chance to learn more and by doing so they activate an overlay that consists of device specifications and hero imagery. This can then be closed, returning the user back to the initial landing page to continue with their experience, either sharing it socially or locating their nearest store.

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