December 15, 2013

Amobee were tasked with putting together a pitch for Oakley, focusing on their woman’s product line. We wanted to build the concept around the following quote ” When we market to women, we’re going to market the whole story: optical and training, because when she goes out, we want her to dress in the whole gear.” “We’re not going to launch one story only for sunglasses and one story only for apparel. We’re trying to paint the big picture that we’re in all those categories for the women’s side.”

I had to create a single concept that could be translated from tablet to DOOH experience. The idea suggested was an “Everyday performance” campaign, which would allow users to select their “everyday battlefield” (running, lifestyle, surf, etc.) and highlight how everyday battle requires specialised armor with Oakley gear allowing for higher performance throughout life. It was requested that we included some form of category picker which would allow users to navigate their own experience, the design needed to be bold in colour like the contract section within Oakley.com and it needed to included a 3D product gallery.

Oakley Sunglasses Tablet

The Landing page as you can see includes a 3D unit that the user can engage with, allowing them to view the product in 360°. In addition, it features a series of information hot spots – demonstrated within the second example. Below the 3D unit sits the category picker in the form of a carousel. This leads to further content; video, look book and map. The “Buy now” button will take the user to the existing Oakley mobile website.

Swiping the Carousel to the left will take the user to a ‘Look Book’, this page will also feature a carousel, displaying a continuation of the product range. Upon touch/swipe the product profile will change, much like you see on the main website. I have included the magnify option that once activated will become full screen allowing the user to view the item in closer detail. Again the “Buy Now’ button will push the user to Oakley’s existing mobile website for purchase. Having swiped left, the main category picker is hidden, leaving the user to navigate backwards using the basic menu (top left) or swiping up from the base of the unit will bring the menu back into purpose.

Oakley Fashion Women Sports

Swiping the Carousel to the right will take the user to either a promotional video or a store-locating map. Upon touch, the video will play and have the option of full screen, within this unit I have chosen to promote Oakley’s running range and this will continue within the video. The second being a slightly more practical option in including a store locating map, thus allowing the user to make the journey should they want to, again encouraging purchase.

Map Sports Video Oakley



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