April 4, 2014

With Mini about to release the latest edition of their 3-door hatch, I was keen to experiment with how well their digital campaign translated into mobile and print. I think it’s safe to say that Mini is a brand we all admire and would love to collaborate with so with that in mind I took the assets that were available and developed a mobile campaign incorporating Amobee 3D technology.


Much like the digital campaign produced by Mini and other 3D automotive ads I have worked on, the user can engage with the vehicle in 360° by swiping left and right. However I have extended the experience in three ways, firstly using a series of information hot spots that open and close at the users request. The hot spots house information on specifics like the new LED headlamps and the gorgeously refined bodywork.

2Secondly I have enabled the user to personalise the vehicle by changing the colour, the colour palette is true to what Mini offer. Finally unlike that of other units I have designed, I have included a short animation and internal viewing. When the user engages with the animate button, the vehicle spins until it is rear facing, from here the boot door will open and the user is taken into the front of the vehicle. Using the accelerometer in their device, the user can look around the interior. 3

The colour change option and further two CTA’s are housed in a tab menu at the bottom of the unit, upon opening the ad the menu rests on the colour option, however when the user taps the ‘Find a Dealer’ or ‘Play Video’ tabs, they change and slide up, revealing the relevant information.

4The ‘Find a Dealer’ tab requires the user to input their destination resulting in a list of local dealerships. The ‘Play Video’ tab does exactly that, with the option of expanding to full screen. In order to return to the 3D unit the user can simply tape the colour option of the down arrow (bottom right). 5

Not happy with leaving the campaign at a purely mobile level, I continued into print. Using the same creative assets, I designed a series of posters, each displaying the new Mini Hatch from a different angle. I partnered the hero images with a simple strap line, all of which I thought of myself. Given the nature of the brand and its young target audience, I wanted the copy to be tongue and cheek, full of humour. So much so, I included a direct swipe at Ford and a reference to the curves of a female’s bottom! In an attempt to link both the mobile and print campaign, I included a QR code that would take the user from print to a 3D mobile ad.

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