March 4, 2014

Within the African market Guinness has lost it’s ‘mojo'; the brand has become old and staid, seen as the value drink for older, poor consumers. Consumers don’t see Guinness as relevant to them – whilst they respect it, they see it as a downgrade, heavy and serious. How do we give Guinness back it’s distinctive position and make it a truly leading brand? This was the question put to us by Guinness.

Guinness Stout

We needed to make Guinness the beer of choice for a new generation of African consumers by exciting them with what Guinness stands for, making the brand relevant to their lives. This digital concept partners the new brand with a series of aspirational images and related statements, for example, using public figures like the Nigerian National football team and Jay Z as a source of inspiration. As you spin the bottle with your finger the condensation will wipe away leaving your print and the background image will simultaneously change, providing a 360° view of the new brand.

Guinness Video Taste Drink

Secondary features include a promotional video that can be maximized to full screen and a ‘Learn More’ overlay. The Learn More overlay features a series of tiled images, images that relate to the brand and viewer. Upon tapping the image, the tile turns revealing further details referring to the title of the tile, for example:

Confidence: On first glance, the bottle appears dark, confident and bold, like its contents. But like its contents there’s more depth, more brilliance, more allure revealed on every second look. From the beauty of the metallic finishes, the twinkles of colour and the layering of typography, this pack invites the eye and draws the drinker in.

Aspiration Guinness Confidence Mobile Tablet

As well as the ‘Learn More’ overlay, the user has the opportunity to socially share the 3D ad on both Twitter and Facebook.

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