December 21, 2013

Belstaff is a global luxury lifestyle brand steeped in its unique British heritage and the spirit of adventure. In Belstaff, the fearless explorer and fashion enthusiast alike can discover an easy yet refined luxury for a modern lifestyle influenced by Belstaff’s rich history and storied archives. With a design team helmed by Chief Creative Officer, Martin Cooper, and the business under the stewardship of Chief Executive Officer, Harry Slatkin, Belstaff enters a new phase in its long history. Recently acquired by Swiss luxury conglomerate LABELUX, Belstaff is positioned as a British luxury lifestyle brand with expanded product categories including women’s and men’s ready to wear, outerwear, handbags, shoes and accessories. City and country, man and machine, speed and freedom join together creating a distinct and unique lifestyle brand.

Belstaff Mobile Site

With Belstaff entering a new phase and opening a flagship store on Bond Street London, Amobee approached the luxury retailer with a series of forward thinking concepts. As of yet, very few retailers have embraced the use of mobile technology within their stores, so I put together a series of designs that aim to enhance the standard shopping experience. Belstaff have an existing microsite, which works perfectly, however we decided to elaborate on this further. With Belstaff being an English brand full of history and item prices ranging from £200 – £3000+, I felt that giving the customer as much factual information on desired items at point of purchase was key, I wanted the customer to be able to access said information instantly.

Belstaff Mobile Site Clothes Jacket

With this in mind I created a second microsite, this time tailored around particular items or ranges. Starting the in-store mobile experience, the customer would be given a device on entering the store or have the option of using their own, each item or seasonal collection would have a QR code attached to it. The code would take the user to the microsite where they would have access to extensive product details, including heritage, after care, size guide and the option to complete the look. I designed 2 variations, the first (Displayed within the opening image) was a microsite that initially sat above the fold and did not include a drop down menu in the top right corner and you merely tapped the section header and details dropped beneath as you continued down the site. The second however, did include the secondary drop down menu, making the user flow and experience slightly more fluid and accessible.

Mobile Belstaff Banners QR Code

 In conjunction with the in-store experience we proposed a geo-targeting display campaign that would run live prior to and during the opening of the new Bond Street opening, the campaign would target users in walking distance of the store, prompting them to visit. Should the user engage with the display banner, their maps app would open.

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