Advertising Week

March 12, 2014

Advertising Week is the world’s premiere annual gathering of marketing and communications leaders each year in London. Advertising Week Europe draws from the client, media and broader cultural communities with a laser focus on key business drivers that shape and influence the global industry. With Amobee being a sponsor of this annual event we took the opportunity to promote our RTB platform. We produce a print ad that briefly demonstrated what Amobee RTB is and how it could benefit a business, supported by a landing page and HTML5 display banner.


Above you have the Amobee RTB landing page, this housed both information on Amobee Real Time Bidding and our contribution to the Advertising Week event it’s self. It’s a simple single page design that prompts the user to watch a short video, followed by the opportunity to download our showcase app.



‘Those that say size doesn’t matter probably don’t work with Amobee’ was the ad chosen to feature in the Advertising Week magazine, I wanted to champion the fact that Amobee RTB is the largest and most advance bidding platform on the market, but in doing so, I wanted to avoid the expected corporate stance. The inclusion of the sexual connotation added an element of humour to what is a particularly dry subject matter. The degree of sexualised humour however had to balance, too much and it would offend, too little, it would go unnoticed, the background image was key to this and was chosen on the basis that mobile advertising as an industry is predominately made up of men, as are these events.

‘Those that say it’s the taking part that counts probably don’t work with Amobee’ features an orangutan fist pumping there air, this concept played on the ethos that Amobee are winners and believe that it is in fact the winning that counts. The image presents a tongue and cheek tone yet still manages to positively reinforce the strap line.


‘That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mobile advertising’ for me was probably the safest concept, however the relationship between strap line and image is still very strong and plays on the idea that Amobee RTB is a revolutionary platform. ‘Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth’ was my personal favourite, however the image doesn’t fit as well as the others and compromises the readability of the strap line.

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